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motorageYou’ve been working diligently to achieve that ever-so-elusive balance between gross sales and profits, and have managed to control your operating expenses to yield a nice net operating profit. You’ve worked for many years to develop and maintain a good customer base. You have a staff of highly trained and competent people. And yet, you’re confused as to why the numbers don’t always add up. Here, you will learn how to achieve your automotive service repair goals by consistently managing these specific financial tools. It must be stated right now that at Automotive Consultants Group, Inc. (ACGI), we’ve developed, refined, and are continually updating these tools, and have been for the last 16-years. Nonetheless, they are fairly basic in their design, such that once you understand their importance and what they tell you, you can them simply gather your needed numbers, develop your own format, and you’re off and running. It should also be understood that any report should yield only one primary purpose: to tell you something that will aide you in managing your business.

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