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For the Automotive Service Industry

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Our goal is simple: To assist you, the Automotive Service Repair Professional, with an objective overview of exactly where you are in your business. We can provide you with a “map” of where you are by conducting an in-depth analysis of your current operating practices. Listening carefully to you, your goals and objectives, we can provide a clear & concise plan of action, which will enable you to reach your next level in business & gross sales.

Our objective is for you to quickly recover the monies you’ve wisely invested in this coaching process. And remember this — like any solid investment, you will be repaid many times over!

We have automotive service business and technical expertise in:

Marketing • Financial Analysis • Customer Service
Business Planning • Customer Satisfaction Surveys • Operations
Management • Software & Systems • Regulatory Compliance

Current consulting engagements in:

Kansas City, MO, Plano, Texas, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Monica, Norfolk, VA, Washington, D.C.,
Orlando, FL, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA, New York City, Santa Barbara, CA, St. Petersburg, FL, Victoria, BC, Canada

We’re Highly Experienced…


36-Years – Automotive, Trucking, Heavy Equipment, Marine & Motorsports, Defense/Aerospace Industry Experience


6,627 – Automotive Repair Centers We Have Personally Visited


783+ MILLION DOLLARS – Profit & Loss Statements Reviewed/td>


803 – Employees reviewed


2.1M+ – Repair Orders audited


$3,768,225 — Automotive Equipment We’ve Sold


276 – Computer Management Systems Installed & Trained


2000 + hours of actual shop operations management each year


65,000 – Database records for Automotive Repair Centers

We’ve become recognized as leading Automotive and Truck industry professionals…

We speak professionally…

…to business owners and professionals throughout North America at such events as ASRW, ASA VISION, AUTOMECHANIKA, and WORLDPAC

We regularly write articles…

…for the leading automotive industry publications such as Auto Inc., Ratchet + Wrench, Canadian Tire, and Motor Age

We teach professionally…

Our courses are AMI Certified

Why Should You Consider Using ACGI?

Scott Wheeler
Scott Wheeler
President, ACGI
  • We have the distinct advantage of knowing EXACTLY how to fix your automotive repair shops’ deficiencies because we understand everything you do & why!
  • We understand cars and hold numerous credentials including dual ASE Master Tech, Automobiles and Medium/Heavy Truck, and Service Consultant
  • We understand what marketing programs work and don’t work today
  • We understand the total repair process in the greatest of detail
  • We understand your customer and his or her vehicle concerns
  • We understand what the customer is looking for in the selection criteria for repair of his or her automobile
  • We understand what is involved in the actual interpretation of the customer’s complaint or reason for service, the Service Consultants translation, and proper shop diagnosis of this complaint – from both human relations as well as technical viewpoints
  • We understand the unique selling environment that exists between the repair shop and the customer
  • We understand what constitutes a quality repair that will satisfy this customer and help them to return for future service
  • We understand how all of these things will affect your profitability, shop reputation, and peace of mind
  • And finally, we use in-house custom designed software based upon all of these criteria, combined with practical strategies that are reality-based, to determine what the priorities are to get you to your goals quickly

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