Profit and Loss Management Solutions

For the Automotive Service Industry

Our goal is simple: To assist you, the Automotive Service Repair Professional, with an objective overview of exactly where you are in your business. We can provide you with a "map" of where you are by conducting an in-depth analysis of your current operating practices. Listening carefully to you, your goals and objectives, we can provide a clear & concise plan of action, which will enable you to reach your next level in business & gross sales.

Our objective is for you to quickly recover the monies you've wisely invested in this coaching process. And remember this -- like any solid investment, you will be repaid many times over!

We have automotive service business and technical expertise in:

Marketing • Financial Analysis • Customer Service
Business Planning • Customer Satisfaction Surveys • Operations
Management • Software & Systems • Regulatory Compliance

Current consulting engagements in:

Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Monica, Norfolk, VA, Washington, D.C., Orlando, FL, Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA, New York City

The Killer Kameno

We're Highly Experienced...


33-Years Experience in Automotive, Trucking, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Motorsports, & Defense/Aerospace Industries 


 6,426 — Automotive Repair Centers We Have Personally Visited


285.3 MILLION DOLLARS — Profit & Loss Statements scrutinized for greater profits


503 — Employees reviewed


787,000 + Repair Orders analyzed


$3,768,225 — Automotive Equipment We've Sold


269 — Computer Management Systems Installed & Trained


2000 + hours of actual shop operations management each year


65,000 — Automotive Repair Centers

Why Should You Consider Using ACGI?

Scott Wheeler
Scott Wheeler
President, ACGI
  • We have the distinct advantage of knowing EXACTLY how to fix your automotive repair shops' deficiencies because we understand everything you do & why!
  • We understand cars, because we've been 'Car Guys' for over 33-years, and are ASE-certified as Master Tech
  • We understand what marketing programs work and don't work today
  • We understand the total repair process in the greatest of detail
  • We understand your customer and his or her vehicle concerns
  • We understand what the customer is looking for in the selection criteria for repair of his or her automobile
  • We understand what is involved in the actual interpretation of the customer's complaint or reason for service, the Service Consultants translation, and proper shop diagnosis of this complaint – from both human relations as well as technical viewpoints
  • We understand the unique selling environment that exists between the repair shop and the customer
  • We understand what constitutes a quality repair that will satisfy this customer and help them to return for future service
  • We understand how all of these things will affect your profitability, shop reputation, and peace of mind
  • And finally, we use in-house custom designed software based upon all of these criteria, combined with practical strategies that are reality-based, to determine what the priorities are to get you to your goals quickly

What our Clients say About ACGI...

"I really appreciate your help on this project. Everyone that looked at the business plan was impressed. All the answers were there for them, and maybe one or two questions were asked that were already in the business plan. Also, I created a 3 page presentation that highlighted the business plan. That really cut through the chase and allowed the bankers to quickly grasp my idea. You really made me shine and I think it gave them confidence that I know what I'm doing."
Devon Vinson, Indianapolis, IN

"Being a relatively new shop owner, Automotive Consultants Group Inc. has been a great resource for me. In addition to providing a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, Scott Wheeler, ACGI's Principal Consultant, has challenged me to think about things that I would have, most likely, never thought about. It goes to the saying…"You don't know what you don't know". And, in business, you need to know. In summary, Scott's a business coach and brings best practices from across the industry to my business, practices that will help me take my shop to the next level."
Troy Wright, Al’s Certified Auto, Plano, TX

"After hearing the needs of Raffield Tire Master Goodyear, ACGI nailed down a thorough plan of action that was doable and made sense for our company."
Sam Raffield, VP of 8 Goodyear Gemini stores dominant in Central Georgia

"ACGI helped us to completely understand where we could make more money & grow our business. As a result our Gross Sales grew 42% !"
Steve Braxton, Braxton Automotive

"The most ethical person I have worked my 35-years in business"
Dan Mooney, KHSC

"After being a silent partner for 3 years, I had to take over and become a SOLO owner. Talk about stress and desperation! I had absolutely no clue how to manage an 8-Bay automotive shop with 12 employees. Thank God I was provided with an answer. His name is Scott Wheeler from ACGI Automotive Consultants Group, Inc. I had met Scott 2 years before when he was a consultant on another job. His resume was extensive, his attitude very professional and I felt comfortable with his knowledge of the automotive business. Scott knows the automotive business and understands the dynamics of the entire process from staffing, financials, environmental requirements, state laws, customers and how they all relate. If you are headed nowhere quickly, call Scott Wheeler from ACGI to put you back on track. I am actually sleeping at night and very confident that we are headed in the right direction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Bruni Soto, Tires Plus Hamilton Mill

"I have been working with Scott Wheeler at ACGI for about 18 months. I am very encouraged with the way my business is heading. In the beginning Scott had me think about the goals that I had for my business and then we worked together on how to accomplish these goals. Scott has given me many tools to help me measure progress one of which is the KPI tracker, this takes me literally 5 minutes to fill in every day. This helps me to see what we have done in the day and if we hit our targets. My business was really struggling and I was unsure of how we were going to turn it around. We are not out of the woods yet but with Scott's encouragement and guidance and the accountability that he brings I feel much more confident as we start to grow again. I was hesitant about taking on another monthly expense but I shudder to think what it would have cost me if I didn't."
Tim Kitt, President, SwedeMasters inc, Santa Barbara, CA

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